July 9, 2011

Diabetes May be Cured with Weight Loss Surgery


A retrospective study has suggested that individuals with diabetes might just be cured after a weight loss operation. Furthermore, the study has explained that 8 out of 10 patients can do well without anti-diabetic medications following a gastric bypass surgery.

According to Dr. Jon Gould, the head of the weight loss surgery program at the University of Wisconsin, weight loss surgery deserves to be made a prioritized therapy for obese individuals with diabetes. The researchers of the study investigated the results of previous research involving diabetics who underwent gastric bypass or gastric banding procedures, both of which are indicated for the goal of losing weight

The study traced the subjects, and discovered that following gastric bypass, 83 percent of the diabetics were free from taking medications to control blood sugar. 62 percent of those who had gastric banding discontinued taking their medications if the blood sugar was maintained well on normal levels.

Gastric bypass decreases the food intake of an individual by diverting the food from the stomach into a little pouch-like cavity. Gastric banding, on the other hand, reduces the food intake by surgically slipping a ring over the superior part of the stomach, reducing the space for more food. In 2009 alone, at least 220,000 Americans have undergone either of these two procedures just to lose weight.

Dr Rick Meijer of the Institute for Cardiovascular Research at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam explained that the findings are quite promising, especially when no cure of diabetes has been found yet. To date, only palliative methods exist to manage the symptoms of diabetes.

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