May 22, 2013

Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Compels Fast Food Joints to Improve Menu


Obesity is one of the most common health problems, and more and more children are getting affected as the years fly by. In fact, a lot of children prefer to eat out than dine at home with the family. Michelle Obama has focused on health eating with the family, challenging fast food chains and other [...]

Brain Glucose Sensing for Obesity Treatment


In PLoS Biology’s July 26 issue, a team of researchers have described a pathway that directs the brain to sense glucose dynamics of a person’s body. And, according to their findings, a defect of this process plays a role in the development of obesity and related disease. The researchers also found that obesity can be [...]

Reinforcing Positive Body Image to Effectively Lose Weight


Obesity is a growing health crisis. In the United Kingdom alone, about a quarter of the population is obese, and about a third of men and women in the United States suffer from the same weight problem. Indeed, obesity has a number of complications tied to its name, aside from self-esteem problems. It can increase [...]

Antidiabetic Drug Influences Fat Metabolism


For the past few months, a number of studies have highlighted other relevant effects of antidiabetic drugs, apart of course from its ability to lower the blood sugar levels. Rosiglitazone, sold under the brand name of Avandia, has been linked to heart problems and unnecessary weight gain. This is categorized under the class thiazolidinediones or TZDs, a group of antidiabetic medications.

Weight Reduction May Relieve Sleep Apnea, New Study Suggests


Typically, people who have obstructive sleep apnea actually wake up many times during the night because of breathing difficulties—and they do not realize it. The disturbed sleeping pattern eventually leads to daytime tiredness that affects work, school and usual activities of daily living. Most of the time, patients with sleep apnea are given continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), a medical intervention utilizing a machine to keep the respiratory airways patent when sleeping.

Lower Sperm Count for the Overweight: Study


Presented on Monday at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Stockholm, this is the largest study of its kind and involved matching of sperm samples from 1,940 men with their body weight.

Extreme Weight Loss Practices Among Athletes Alarm Experts

National Athletic Trainers’ Association

It is not an uncommon practice for a number of sports enthusiasts specifically boxers, wrestlers and gymnasts to participate in aggressive physical training just to boost physical performance. However, experts have raised warnings that the extreme measures that these people employ are quite dangerous to their health. Severe calorie restriction and deliberate dehydration is not healthy anymore.

Brown Fat: A Promising Treatment for Obesity in Adults


A new research highlights the existence of brown fat among many adults, and that these fats actually burn a lot of calories to regulate the body temperature. The study underscores more benefits that can be made from this tissue.

Post-Bariatric Weight Loss Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease


Obesity is not just a disease in itself, but a key risk factor for other disorders to develop. Elderly individuals who are obese, in particular, are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease later on. However, a new study sheds light on what bariatric surgery can do to reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

‘MyPlate’ Replaces Food Pyramid


MyPlate, revealed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is the federal government’s new food icon for reminding consumers to make healthier food choices. The MyPlate icon, which emphasizes the fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy food groups, is a new generation icon created for prompting consumers to consider building a healthy plate for their meal and seek more information to do that by visiting is a publication of SAS Publishing. Content herein is NOT intended to be a substitute or supplement to advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical condition. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of HealthWise Journal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, en-US.