Weight Loss


Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Compels Fast Food Joints to Improve Menu

Obesity is one of the most common health problems, and more and more children are getting affected as the years fly by. In fact, a lot of children prefer to eat out than dine at home with the family. Michelle … read more

Sleeping Disorders


High Insulin Resistance in Diabetics Linked to Sleeplessness

According to the results of a major study conducted to establish the relationship between sleep and diabetes, it was found that people with diabetes and associated difficulty in sleeping had a high degree of insulin resistance and were quite hard-pressed controlling the condition. read more

General Health


How Twitter Helps in Tracking Trends in Public Health

Twitter, the revolutionary social networking site that captured the minds and hearts of people—commoners, celebrities, politicians, and the like—has allowed for so many changes in communication. With over 140 characters worth of a statement, anyone can blab about anything under the sun: tsunami aftermaths, breakthrough dance singles, and annoying neighbors. Even businessmen are using Twitter as an effective marketing strategy. read more

Health News


What are the Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation?

There are few people who don’t love the idea of vacations for fun, relaxation and entertainment purposes, but you might be surprised to learn that vacations can actually provide a number of health benefits as well. People who take regular … read more